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28 January, What does it mean to listen? Conversation with composers Sol Andersson and Erik Peters about what you actually do when you listen to sound. Moderator: author Erik Lindman Mata. In addition, there will be poetry by and with the poet Mickaela Persson, who in 2023 received the Katapult Prize (the Swedish Writers’ Union’s prize for the best debutant of the year) for the collection “An adept to the master of chess makes an inner journey in Siberia”. Location: the adult section of the Tranströmer Library. No pre-registration.

December, Essay: Men det är sällan man vill utsätta sig för något som inte är tryggt, Kritiker No.69-70

27 November, SONIHED 2022 – conference on Sonification of Health and environmental data, KTH, Stockholm
15 September, Trädgården I & II, digital releases on N001se records
9 September, den lilla popdöden, digital release on N001se records
13 April, a meditation on freedom pt 2, Stockholm
10 February, Twisted Shout Festival, Fylkingen

Den Lyssnande Kritiken – Behind the project The Listening Critique is the Critique Lab, which has put together an editorial team to address the question of what literary criticism based on audiobooks could look like. And what even is the audiobook for aesthetic object? What opportunities does it have to develop? And how does it relate to other aesthetic works?
The Listening Critique is a project that aims to explore the possibilities and challenges of literary criticism that takes the audiobook as its starting point. The project consists of four experiments, conducted in different places in the country, and a final conference, all of which will approach the audiobook format from different angles in different ways; musicality, attention, dramaturgy, physicality and politics.
Members of the editorial team: Magnus William-Olsson, Erik Lindman Mata, Fredrik Nyberg, Jesper Olsson, Yolanda Bohm & Sol Andersson

7 November, Cafe OTO, London, UK
6 November, Reactor Hall, Studio A2, Nottingham, UK
18 October, a meditation on freedom pt 2, Stockholm
19-21 August, PLX festival – Tjärö
Aug-Sep, Media Artes, Gävle. Installation piece from the Sound Object series
16 July, performance at Mellangården – Trädgården, Stockholm
19 June, 4pm online streaming of a 4channel composition.
More info here:
May, NFT release of the Sound Object series at Mnemographic; publisher and gallery for secure, verifiable cryptographic art.
13 May, Performance with sound object 1 and 2 at Platform as guest artist at the exhibition Tyngdkraft by Håkan Lidbo and Stefan Tcherepnin
16 January the Guerrilla Setup- a meditation on freedom, Stockholm

14 march – NYMUS, Härnösand
12 February – En elektronisk odyssé från pionjärer till nutid, Bonniers konsthall
10 January – a meditation on freedom, Stockholm

5 December – Live set, Rumtiden, Stockholm
22-23 November – Live set, Vindöga Festival, Sandviken
28 September – Live set, Fylkingen, Stockholm
25 September – Live set, Landet, Stockholm

15 December VEMS julkonsert, Fylkingen, Stockholm
2-3 November Glowing Electronics (festival), Östra Hoby
18 August, VEMS outdoor summer concert, Stockholm
28 April – Intonal Festival, Malmö, Sweden ,
3 February – Art’s Birthday Party, Stockholm  (live broadcast from Swedish Radio P2). Listen to the live impro here








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