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‘values are manufactured and truth is temporary and local’


Sol Andersson is a Stockholm based composer and artist. The voice is no longer the main instrument although it played a crucial part in the beginning on her musical journey. When introduced to the analog 4track portable recorder in the early 90s it got possible to explore a world beyond mixtapes. Coming from a background of choir singing and classical training it was also a great introduction to start using the voice for another purpose than traditional singing. The techno scene exploded in Sweden around this time and had a huge influence the following years. Thanks to the number of cooperations and music constellations (Ana International Penetrator, Sowl and Noisebud amongst others) with an urge to explore and experiment with different electronic genres her own work got time to develop in the pace that was needed. Sol’s present line of business is a mixture of influences and interests.  
Sol is a member of the following organisations; FST, STIM, SAMI, FYLKINGEN, KVAST


2011 – 2018 Royal College of Music, Stockholm – Electroacoustic Music, Composition
2009 – 2010 contemporary music composition at Gotland school of composition
2000 – 2001 electroacoustic composition at EMS



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