sol andersson
Noisebud / N001se

2020 became the year of enjoying improvised gritty techno sets in the studio and at home. If you like it you can check out more here. Hope we can meet outdoors for some festivities once again. Meanwhile, enjoy!


Around 2008 Johannes Ahlberg and Sol Andersson joined forces and became Noisebud. It was all about gritty club music but slowly transformed itself into a cross-genre playground to test and develop thoughts and ideas, produce and perform music, initiate and participate in sound art installations and develop music software.

Almost 10 years later the first full-length album is finally released… have a go at it before it withdraws.



For more info, music and updates:


selected works:

 Open Source Intelligence is an interactive installation and performance commissioned by Audiorama and Luger,
originally created for ‘Stockholm Music & Arts festival, 1-3 Au
gust 2014.

The boundary between spectator and actor is becoming blurred. The roles have merged into each other, change places, and take turns. What I need is a digital medium to travel in and through. My life is not just one, my identity are many. We do not yet know how the constant monitoring and mapping affect us but what we do know is that it is one of the greatest revolutions in human history and old rules no longer apply. Knowledge has always been the strongest commodity, but today’s digital consumption has opened the gates for a perhaps less flattering market, where human values are negotiable by everyone, for everyone, at any time, and in public.






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