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log 001

Theese log entries will document my work in progress, thoughts and reflections during my MA 2016-2018 (electroacoustic composition) at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

For my Bachelor degree (2016) I did an electroacoustic piece mixed in B-format called The Kitchen sessions 4AM . It’s based on 4 different 24h recording sessions made during fall of 2015 in the kitchen where I was living at the time. The piece only includes the recordings made from 4Am in the morning. I was curious to see if it’s even possible to catch traces of the kitchens own Being and how we as humans define presence. I wanted not just to recreate the kitchen by recording it and spatialise the material but rather to create the kitchens own being for itself in another time and space.

Things usually work out in the end but maybe not how you expected them to. This time I’m not even sure it actually will work out at all. In September last year, I came across a lot of cassette decks for free when KMH was moving into its new building and for some reason they were not to be used anymore. So I thought that’s a shame and carried them home without any specific idea of what to do with them since my mind was already set on doing a completely different thing. I soon adapted to the new situation and came up with an idea inspired by the thoughts of OOO but it kept on evolving into something like this

If it’s not that obvious, it’s a tape installation, an instrument and a self-generative composition that directly address (points to) the question of the being of the tape for itself. By working with this delicate medium I also hope it’s possible to concretize and visualize our inability to understand or perceive time close to nothing but linear.…this ….was my aim…..

My knowledgde in electronics and mechanics have been extremly rudimentary since my focus isn’t on the technical aspects (obviously) but rather on ideas. My method is very much like any other conceptual artist but for me it’s still important how the final work/object is presented since I’m interested in how communication (or lack of) and interaction works between all things.


and BAM! came reality…
 Looking at the sketch six months later I still think it looks fairly simple until I realise what it is I’m looking at and with my gained knowledge in the areas needed I laugh out loud because in this case ‘ignorance really is a bliss’. Just for the fun of it I’ll add some details that’s not notated here, but for example the dimensions: BIG ofcourse, maybe 3×5 m on the floor, wall or ceiling. All theese different types of small speakers and microphones mounted here and there etc… Little did I know that it’d simply not be possible to do this with the types of cassette decks I’d got hold of. Even though I just said I’m not interested in technical stuff per se there will be a certain amount of it. I aim to explain it as simple as possible because most tutorials, texts and manuals not only tend to start at different levels of pre-knowledge but also use different names for same things/components wich can also be very confusing for someone just learning the language. By publish theese log entries I hope to give back some knowledge I’ve gained along the way.

March 17, 2017


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