Electronics & ensembles

Helix (2015)

A piece for ensemble and electronics commissioned by the ensemble Norrbotten NEO.
Premiered during the New Directions Festival March 26th 2015, recorded and broadcast by the Swedish radio P2.

SAMSPEL (2014)

Samspel consists of four short pieces written for kids with cerebral palsy and Blåsarsymfonikerna. It’s a piece that mixes traditional instruments, specially built instruments, and electronics. The idea: To give the kids a chance to interact and play music with professional musicians and together give a concert on a real stage. The challenge: For me (as a composer) was several. First I had to come up with an idea of how to communicate the music in a way that both the children and the musicians easily could understand and enjoy. I ended up dividing the kids into two groups that got two play two pieces each. One group was then subdivided into two smaller groups (five in each) but kept the musicians as one group through the whole piece. It acquired two conductors (one for each group) and I wrote a traditional score for the musicians and a mixed score for the kids based on different colors for each instrument. The project was Initiated by music teacher Magnus Allensten ( Jorielskolan) and commissioned by Musikaliska, Stockholm. The first concert was performed in April 2015. Foto: Chris Anderson
Read more:  http://www.svt.se/kultur/musik/elever-och-proffs-gor-musik-over-granser

Laptop.Piano.Duo (2013)

Piano: Mats Persson, Electronics: Sol Andersson, Kulturhuset, Stockholm

Watchers (2013)

The piece Watchers premiered in 2013 at the movie theater Roy during the Gothenburg Filmfestival. It was commissioned by the ensemble Pearls Before Swine Experience along with three other pieces. Fredrik Olofsson – Red O, Niels Rønsholdt – Burning is a blues,Marcus Fjellström – Odboy & Erordog  The challenge was to write a piece for music and video/movie in simultaneous progress so that you wouldn’t be sure of what came first when watching it, the film or the music?

I Am Not Here (2010)

An audiovisual piece for ensemble. Video by Johannes Ahlberg. Written as a critique to the Swedish authorities and their ‘silent diplomacy’ method in order to release the Swedish journalist and writer Dawit Isaak. In 2001, Isaak was arrested in his home in Asmara, Eritrea. to this day he is still in prison. https://freedawit.com/

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